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North American Money Order Company strives to provide its agents with the best service and training possible including training in the area of Anti-Money Laundering. The North American Compliance Department is here to ensure you are staying on top of all the required documentation and training each year.

Here are a few helpful hints from our team to make you more successful.

  1. Remember to fill out the AML form each year as there are new rules, regulations and guidelines yearly and these new forms incorporate these changes.
  2. All forms must be kept for five years following completion to show proof of compliance and proof of completion.
  3. Become an agent and participate in our Anti Money Laundering Compliance Program to keep you up to speed.
  4. Be prepared for the independent review each year.
  5. Train your employees each year to ensure they are following the most up to date information and guidelines.

A copy of our AML FAQs and our AML Compliance Program handbook are available to help answer any questions you may have. If you have any further questions contact our team at 844-507-1476.

AML Training Videos and Documentation

Please click the link below to view training videos to help you complete your AML program and download additional copies of your AML program and training documentation.

NAMOC Agent AML Training