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Thank you for considering selling our money orders. Below is a summary of our proposal to provide your store with our money order service.

Automated Money Order Machines

We will provide you with an automated money order machine for your location. It takes just a few seconds for our equipment to print money orders. Also, the machine will print shift and close-out reports for you. It communicates with North American through your store’s existing internet or phone connection. We will maintain the machine and be responsible for all repairs and supplies associated with the machine.


Your machine automatically uploads all transactions to us. We will email you on the day before every ACH draft a report detailing the ACH draft. We also have a web site ( in which you can view current and previous reports.

ACH Draft

Five times per week we will draft your bank account (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). Monday’s sales will be drafted on the following Wednesday, Tuesday’s sales on the following Thursday, Wednesday’s sales on the following Friday, and Thursday’s sales the following Monday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday sales will be drafted on the following Tuesday.

Point of Sale Advertising

We provide Point of Sale Advertising materials including posters, banners, and window decals. Also, we periodically visit your location and refresh the point of sale material.

Security Features and Other Services

We will handle stop payment requests and produce check copies as needed for no additional cost. We also monitor the sales information at your location to help you determine if any theft is taking place. Our machines are equipped with security features that ensure that only authorized employees are able to print money orders.

Fee Structure

We split the fee that you charge to your customers 50/50 with the minimum fee to us being $0.40 per money order. A $25.00 monthly service fee will be assessed on the first ACH of every month.

Applying for Service

Please read the documentation on the next page and complete all of the information using the secure form accessible via the button below. Once you complete and submit the application, our goal will be to process your application quickly so that we can schedule your installation as soon as possible. This is a secured web form, and all data will be submitted only to a secure information center in our office.

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